Shipley - Pirtle - President Abraham Lincoln Connection
This page provides some of the information that we have discovered showing our connection with President Abraham Lincoln, through our Shipley lineage.

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While researching my Shipley lineage several years ago, I found an interesting book, written by George W. Pirtle, Sr., which shows the connection with Shipleys and President Abraham Lincoln. Pirtle has put together a scholarly record, beginning with a brief historical and geographical background, including his own lineage and the lineage of President Abraham Lincoln. Several interesting maps are included in the book. For anyone interested in looking up the book, it is available on microfilm, dated 4/3/78, Catalogue No. 7-102 #876.

My Shipley line begins with Adam Shipley, who came from England as a young man. He settled near Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in 1668. The Shipleys of Maryland is a good source for more information. The Shipley name is from Anglo-Saxon origin and one of the oldest names in England. The Shipleys were first Anglicans and later Methodists. One of Adam's sons, Robert, is the ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln and my Shipley line.

Lincoln's line is through Robert Shipley, Jr. Robert's daughter, Lucy Shipley, was the mother of Nancy Hanks, and the grandmother of Lincoln. My line is through Robert's brother, Charles, Sr., and Pirtle's line is through Robert's brother William.

Sources for further information:
1) From Whence We Came, by George W. Pirtle, Sr., 1976
2) The Shipleys of Maryland, prepared by Committees Appointed at the Shipley Reunion, College Park, Maryland, August 29, 1937
3) The Shipley Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln's Mother, by Professor Louis A. Warren, authority on Lincoln
4) Lincoln's Parentage and Childhood, by Dr. Louis A. Warren, 1926
5) In Re, Lucy Hanks, by James A. Peterson, 1973, prominent lawyer of Yorkville, Illinois
6) The Indiana Magazine of History, Dr. Louis, A. Warren, 1933

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