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Please take a look at my unknown pictures pages. I'm hoping that somebody will recognize someone in the pictures and help to identify some of the unknown people/pictures, and connect with other cousins and interested researchers. Thanks!

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My Mathews family history begins with my Matts MATTSSON (born about 1790) and Marit PEHRSDOTTER, born about 1790. Their daughter Carin (Carrie) MATTSDOTTER (later changed to MATSEN), born 28 April 1814, Langflon, Norra Finnskoga Parish, Varmland, Sweden, married Unknown LEWIS (?).

We are still trying to find out who the biological father of William John Mathews is. His mother, Carin, also spelled Karin, settled in Bishop Hill, Illinois, in 1850, where William was born, 1854?

Carrie is my 3rd great-grandmother. Click on the Mathews pictures link above to see a picture of her. Her son William John is my 2nd great-grandfather. He married Emma Etta SHIPLEY, daughter of Brice SHIPLEY and Elvira Clarisa ALDRICH.

1st Generation: Carin MATTSDOTTER (MATSEN), soon to be uploaded! Carin is our first Mathews ancestor to arrive in America, from Sweden, in 1850. She settled at Bishop Hill Colony, Illinois, where William John MATHEWS and his sister Helen were born.

2nd Generation:

Left: William John MATHEWS
Center: Emma Etta SHIPLEY
Right: William John MATHEWS
Far Right: Olof MATHEWS, William's half-brother, born in Sweden

2nd & 3rd Generations:

Left: William John MATHEWS
Right: Back row, left to right, Elmer Winfred, Brice Shipley, Roy Elbert; front row, great-great-grandpa William John MATHEWS holding Ivan Lewis, Kathleen "Carrie" Elvira, and great-great-grandma Emma Etta SHIPLEY.

2nd & 3rd Generations:

2nd from left, William John Mathews, Emma Etta SHIPLEY (?)

In this picture are Mathews, Shipley, and Hallford relatives. Far left is Benjamin Franklin Hallford, my 2nd great-grandfather, father of Ruth Elizabeth, left-center, in the dark dress. Aunt Ruth is my great-grandmother's sister. My great-grandmother, Mary Evalyne Hallford, is in the back, holding a baby. Her husband, Elmer Winfred Mathews, is standing on the left. On the far right, the lady with glasses, is Emma Etta (Shipley) Mathews, my 2nd great-grandmother, widow of William John Mathews. This picture was taken in 1928, when aunt Ruth was eight years old. Aunt Ruth told me that her family had just moved from St. Louis, Missouri that year. This picture would be 3rd and 4th generation Mathews. William had already passed away, in 1923.

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